Causeway Interiors has been serving the Tri-County area for the past four decades.  We originally opened our showroom in Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia on May 1, 1975. 


Year over year we continued to experience growth and in 1998 we decided to expand our retail showroom to a much larger facility in the more centrally located community of Barrington Passage.


To this day, our original owners Garry & Dorothy Goreham, with the assistance of their children Tanya Sears and Garris Goreham as second-generation retailers are still actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Causeway Interiors.  As of late we have also seen the third-generation of the family join the fold learning the business through part-time after school duties.


Causeway Interiors are forever thankful to have been able to serve our local communities and look forward to continued success and growth.